Student Comments
Parent Comments

“It was a wonderful course, and I would totally recommend this to any other student!  I loved all the tricks and tips! ”
— Anna


“I felt like the positive attitude of your teaching helped me to look at the ACT differently. I think this course very much has prepared me!  ”

— Ensley


“I thought the course was wonderful! Overall, it helped me tremendously with my attitude towards the test, and my test-taking skills”
— Weldon L.


“Thank you so much!! I really appreciate everything you’ve done this week to help me feel prepared and confident!! You’re the best:) ”
— Wallace


“One of my favorite ACT courses by far, highly recommended!! ”
— Sophie


"(The course) was amazing.  It brought my math score up by 10 points."  
— Jackson


"This class was a good, fun-filled environment that taught me a lot and helped a lot with my scores. Really great class despite all the homework."

“I can’t begin to tell you how this has motivated Garrett. I like the 10 hours of study for 1 point—gives us something to shoot for.  He has already taken several tests throughout the weekend, and is taking one now as I type. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication.”
— Garrett's Mom


“Hi! Just wanted to let you know Ethan brought his score up from a 26 to 30 – his goal!  Thanks so much! ”

— Cheryl

“She really enjoyed your class and has learned so much. Thank you for encouraging her but more importantly praying for her. I know she's mine but she has a precious heart. So thankful for you and all that you give back to these kids. I recommended you to everyone that ask about ACT training.”
— Terri B.

“You have made such an impact on my daughter - thank you for your academic assistance but most of all for your spiritual example! Weldon has proudly showed me all the stickers you made and told me about your many prayers. You are so appreciated! God bless you!”
— Ginny L.

“Tyler talked about how good your class was, how much he learned, enjoyed it, and then add in the 5 point jump. So with all he had to say and the proof at the end, The Hales are definitely going to sing your praises and recommend you to anyone that will listen that wants ACT help.”
— Mike Hale